If you look at the Museum of the Grand Prairie’s Facebook page, you will see a masked Abraham Lincoln waving hello and saying, “We’re ready to go, but slowly.”

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Before the May 12 vote, a group of Friends of the Crystal Lake Park Geese gathered at the corner of Park Street and Broadway Avenue to urge the board to save the geese. They organized again Tuesday, when more than 30 people showed up, said Susan Parenti, an organizer who lives near the park.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has forced me and you to drastically limit our movements, it has had no such impact on the most mobile creatures on Earth, birds. And for Midwesterners, the first couple of weeks in May offer opportunities to see more migratory birds than any other time of year.

We’ve had rain piled on rain in Birdland. First, a thunderstorm came in the night, comforting in all its tympanic booming. We woke to a heavy drizzle, which left a wider-than-usual delta in the meadow behind the Benson timber, and on top of the usual flooding of grass waterways, we saw new c…

The wait is ongoing for area teams. Area players. Area coaches. Area parents. When will sports resume as the world deals with the COVID-19 pandemic? Good question. Until then, sports editor Matt Daniels spent the week telling the stories of those impacted by the pandemic in a variety of ways. 

Make bold climate change moves now — or “your children and grandchildren may never forgive you,” says Gina McCarthy, EPA administrator under President Obama.

Local efforts in 1970 led to the creation of the Prairie Rivers Network and the institution of curbside recycling programs. But 'we need another climate revolution at this point,' Urbana Mayor Diane Marlin said.