'I worry that these latest betrayals of trust will lead another generation to conclude that our world will forever remain neither just nor fair if you are born Black. I do not want senseless deaths to be further compounded by a wholesale theft of hope and optimism.'

Work on bridge replacements in northwest Champaign, no fireworks this year at the Champaign Country Club, possibly illegal fireworks sales in Champaign County, the reasons for white tents dotting the University of Illinois campus, UI summer enrollment, traffic congestion in downtown Champaign, cemetery care, Canada geese and more.

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Ty Newell said infections across the nation are already increasing at a rate of more than 40,000 a day and are on track to grow to 400,000 a day by August if there isn’t a noticeable change in social-distancing practices combined with a reduction in disease-transmission efficiency.

“Incorporating more minority literature in our curricula is something we have been trying to do for years in the English department,” said Alisyn Franzen, the English department chair at St. Joseph-Ogden High School.

'It's been 400 years of this. But now that there’s videos of it, White people are seeing what they’ve accused Black people of whining about all these years. It’s racism. It’s implicit biases, and they’re bringing that to the 365彩票s, to the classroom.'

The story of how plant and pollinator relationships co-evolved over the millennia is one we often take for granted in the flower-filled world we live in today.

Shopping for a clock that was once kept time in a classroom? Looking for a gym locker to use for storage? Need a chalkboard to keep track of daily chores?

Tears pooled in the eyes of multiple board members at the end of a four-hour virtual meeting Wednesday as they looked into their webcams and spoke about the importance of the resolution, which was curated by board members Gianina Baker and Elizabeth Sotiropoulos.

Since Illinois is the “Prairie State,” it makes sense to design landscaping that might better represent the dominate historical plant cover in this region. However, many gardeners are not familiar with the characteristics of native grasses, making it sometimes tricky to place them appropriately.

The University of Illinois announced Thursday its plans to resume “a hybrid mixture of in-person and online classes” this fall on all three of its campuses. Here's a look at the details of the plan.

The proclamation prohibits the entry of Chinese graduate students and researchers on F and J visas to study or conduct research in the U.S. if they have or have ever had connections to entities supporting China365彩票app’s military-civil fusion strategy.