The story of how plant and pollinator relationships co-evolved over the millennia is one we often take for granted in the flower-filled world we live in today.

Since Illinois is the “Prairie State,” it makes sense to design landscaping that might better represent the dominate historical plant cover in this region. However, many gardeners are not familiar with the characteristics of native grasses, making it sometimes tricky to place them appropriately.

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The tree's one major downfall is its susceptibility to a leaf- and twig-infecting fungus called anthracnose, which is rarely fatal but causes the alarmingly bare canopies you can see now.

'The goal is that we actually want to empower anyone in the community to grow food for themselves and their neighbors and anyone in need to be able to access it'

This is a talk about the birds and the bees. But wait, it’s not what you’re thinking. And it starts with a plant. The plant is known by the scientific name Carex jamesii, but it’s commonly also called James Sedge or Lawn Sedge. As the name suggests, Lawn Sedge looks much like the turf grasse…

Mulch is a great way to suppress weeds and reduce tillage if you mulch heavily at the end of the growing season. The mulched area is perfect for carefully planting seedlings with minimal disturbance.

People who go looking for beauty in the woodlands of central Illinois tend to get excited about the months of April and May, when showy beauties like Virginia bluebells carpet the woodland floor. But if you wait until April to get out, you may already be a month late for the emergence of the…